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Department of Fine Arts » Music Program » Piano Proficiency Exam

Piano Proficiency Exam

Satisfactory completion of the examination is a graduation requirement for all Bachelor of Arts music majors and minors.


  1. The Keyboard Proficiency Examination is given as the final exam in Piano IV (701:262) each spring semester. It is also given each semester, two to four weeks before final exams, for those students not enrolled in piano.
  2. It is recommended that music majors and minors complete the examination no later than the spring semester of the third year. Those parts of the exam that are not passed at that time can be retaken in the following year.
  3. Music majors in the Teacher Preparation Program must successfully complete the examination prior to Student Teaching.
  4. It is expected (but not required) that a student will be enrolled in individual instruction in the music program during the semester in which the Proficiency Examination is taken.


  1. Play all major scales, all harmonic and melodic minor scales starting on the white keys, and all major, minor, fully diminished 7th and dominant 7th arpeggios, through at least two octaves, hands together, at a moderate speed, with proper fingerings.
  2. Perform one simple homophonic piece comparable to a first movement from a sonatina by Clementi.
  3. Perform one simple polyphonic piece comparable to one of the pieces in the Anna Magdalena Notebook by J.S. Bach.
  4. Sight-reading commensurate with level of advancement.