Featured Alumnus: Hyun Kyu Seo

CCAS Class of 2013 Concentration: Design Personal site: Hyun.io Hyun Kyu Seo is a designer and technologist creating symbiotic relationships between information and people. He is currently working with researchers, scientists, engineers, and designers at IBM in Yorktown Heights, New York. He has been fortunate enough to engage in a variety of technology and science fields, including but … Read more of Featured Alumnus: Hyun Kyu Seo

Featured Student: Jacob Foster | Painting

Photo Jake Foster

CCAS Class of 2017 Concentration: Painting Minor: Business Administration and Museum Studies Jacob Foster transferred to Rutgers University–Camden from Camden County College in Fall 2015 as a Fine Arts major student with a Painting concentration. During his time at Rutgers–Camden, he participated in two CURCA (Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity) events, and received an Arts … Read more of Featured Student: Jacob Foster | Painting

Featured Alumna: Dionne Fields

Photo of Dionne Fields

CCAS Class of 2012 Concentration: Music   Dionne Fields (Contralto) is a proud member of Rutgers University–Camden College of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2012. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music.  After spending many years in the performance realm of sacred music, oratorio and other genres, Dionne has spent recent years broadening … Read more of Featured Alumna: Dionne Fields